So You Want To Know What Credit Card Reader or App to Use?

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Selling For Merchants On The Go Payment Review

I was asked- "What credit card reader do you recommend for selling merchandise on the go? Or can you do it with an app?"

Here’s my own take on that:

Paypal, Shopify, Square. All have cheap or a free reader with an account. PayPal and Square don't have monthly charges to have an account. Just fees on the payment system. Both are easy and great for taking care of business wherever you are. Just look up the taxes that you need to charge in the place you're going to and set that up before your event and set up your items in the app first. That helps things immensely and makes for a huge time saver. If you’re wanting a all-in-one platform that is really hooked up, Shopify is really great for that.

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So ask yourself:

Do you do the selling of products at events, want to or already sell online?

If you do, you need a good way to take payments that make sense. You’ve got a variety of options, pick the type that helps you out the most.

First things first consider how you already take money, and what kind of work you’re doing.

Does your business already have a website? What payment gateway do you take? If you know this, you may be able to do an on the go version when you’re at events. If not, then consider some easy to sign up for tools.

Any payment gateway does have to consider things like liability, chargebacks, and what kind of inventory and systems they are going to be used with. So look through to see what you would need to think about for yourself.

Here are a few that I’ve used, why I think they are good ideas, and some of their offerings:



You can have a business account with PayPal that includes a card reader, being able to put in local tax percentage, reports, inventory and more. PayPal can be integrated with just about any website for taking payment as well. You can even buy shipping labels for products purchased with PayPal. The cost for this is a percentage of charges. PayPal business accounts give you detailed invoices, sending invoices, local taxes, shipping, online payment taking, in-person payments and charging by invoice. They also now have an option to create estimates for clients. Great tool for the freelancer to the mid-sized business. Their reports are detailed in a way that really helps any time you need details for things like analysis and for taxes.

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With Square, you can have anything from a simple phone card reader to a full POS system. You can manage appointments, manage inventory and have a simple e-commerce store using their system. The store itself barely integrates with the rest of the internet, so it’s more for those who do more on-site and want a simple solution that keeps all of their tools in one place. The card reader and inventory system are good and easy to handle and very easy to bring with. The cost for this is a percentage of charges. Square can also scale for payroll.  Great for the person who wants just one piece of the system to use the whole thing, good for small to medium scaling up.

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If you need a payment gateway, a website, a POS system, and inventory management, then Shopify is awesome for you. It has a monthly hosting cost for the website itself, and a percentage charge on purchases that goes down depending on the type of cost of website hosting you have chosen. As a payment gateway, there are some products that they will not cover for liability reasons, including supplements. So check to see if your product or service is part of what they will cover. You can do invoicing, custom products, sales tax management, employee roles, and more. This is a great option for scaling up, events and doing many things. It can also work well for the smaller business who wants a solid system that also looks great. Shopify also integrates its inventory with other inventory systems really well, so consider this if you have a lot of products and logistics of products you have to consider, or if you’ve got a product that you want to do a specialized customer journey and system that will integrate with places like Instagram, Etsy, eBay, Amazon and more. Go big, go small, both styles work with Shopify.

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